Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The New Roommate

So, he got in on Sunday night around 1:30AM. I hung out with him for a little bit and then went to sleep. I did get to hang out with him on Monday. I didn't make it to class so I made dinner and then we played basketball.

He is really nice. He wants to be a surgeon. He is single, but has a girl he is dating. He is really laid back and has a nice car.

I haven't seen him since Monday. He works nights and is gone when I get home from school and I am gone by the time he gets home from work. So, it is kind of like I don't even have a roommmate. I will see him tomorrow because I don't have class.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


The roommate gets in tonight! I am excited and tired. You see my house is kind of a fixer upper, and I never got all the fixing up done.

So, this weekend I finished tiling the master bathroom and replaced the toilet as well as tiled part of the shower wall (which still looks bad but will function, someday when I have money again I will get it done professionally).

Then I cleaned the house. You see the guest bedroom he will be in was my changing room. So I had to move all of my clothes to my master closet. I also had to clean the garage which is where I was cutting the tiles. I also cleaned out some of my kitchen cabinets so he can have a few cabinets to himself as well as a shelf and a drawer in the fridge. If you have been to my house you will be amazed at how much I have gotten done!

So, you know I have to put a picture on my blog, it is my favorite thing to do, althought I don't know how to size it. Here is a picture of my nephew preparing some snow for the snow castle him and his sister built (with a little help from my sister and brother-in-law).