Sunday, August 30, 2009

Long Week

So, first week of school is over. I have a book, nine chapters in another book (that I ordered from Amazon and haven't gotten yet), and 15 different articles to read by monday! I am a bit stressed already. Then I have a few customers calling to do landscaping that I am going to take a look at this evening. I hope that I can find time to do them, as well as the other two jobs, that are going pretty well.

I am going to take next weekend off. I am ready for the Georgia-OSU game!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Last Night

I finally called and told IT Girl it wasn't going to work. It went really well. I ended up talking to her an hour after I told her that we should just be friends. She told me all about her day and everything at work. She insists that I keep calling her? So, I hope she got the point that we broke up, or whatever we were we aren't anymore.... I just don't know. I suck at breaking up with girls.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I have been stressing all week if I should quit my sand volleyball team. They play on Wednesdays an hour after I get out of class. It is a 40 minute drive.

I just decided that I am going to play.

First Days of School

Yesterday was my first day of school! I loved it! There are so many new people in the program. It is going to be a lot of fun getting to know them. My classes are going to be great too. I have a studio for designing parks! How much fun does that sound?

The only problem with the first day of class, was I had to work from 7AM-12. Then have class from 1:30 to 9PM. In between I had my hour commute across OKC.

There are finally some international students in the program from some awesome places. Spain, Greece, India, Vietnam, and a guy in my Urban Design Theory class from France.

My second day of class was good too. There are 4 people in my Tuesday class. The regular Joes from last year and a new guy from Spain. He seems pretty cool.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Crazy Day! Sorry I had to vent!

I got up this morning and was heading out to get to work a few minutes early. I got to work lat yesterday because of the storms. Gary England was saying hail was on its way to the part of town I work in, so I waited. It didn't hail at the office, so I waited 30 minutes for nothing. Anyways, I tried to start my car this morning and the battery was dead! Yes, my new Tacoma I got less than a month ago had a dead battery. So, I had to hitch hike to work and home AGAIN!

I got a call from my old roommate from undergrad. He just bought a new house. It is huge! I can't emphasize how big it is. It is over 8,000 sq ft. I can't wait to go see it. It is 4 stories, well three with a basement that come out to the backyard. It has an elevator and three patios. It has an insane view of the hills east of Tulsa. The picture is a view of it from behind. You can see all 4 stories. The picture was taken before he bought it two weeks ago. It isn't finished out yet, but it is a month away from move in ready.

The best part of the day was when my admin brought me chocolate covered strawberries. She makes them daily and made some extra! She is the best admin ever! My old admin at my old job was good, but she never made me any tasty dishes. She was good at getting some great catering for the group meetings.

I finally after getting the truck jumped and to the dealer got a new battery. It took them 2 hours to get me a new battery. I was a bit frustrated, but it happens. I actually was surprised how well I took the whole situation today. I think the long crazy week I had kept me from making a big deal about the situation.

Did I tell you that my boss had me train two people this week to be my back up. Really? Two people to back up my part time job. Then I had to do some really boring testing! Accounting is boring, but testing accounting in the computer system is even more boring, so it was a very tough week as far as motivation to work goes. Plus it was close this week, and the accountants in Houston and Division Orders had problems that I had to fix all week. Oh yeah, the other accountant in my group has been gone for a month because she has liver cancer. So, I have basically been doing most of her job and mine for the last month. She will get back in a few weeks, so I will have a few crazy weeks with grad school, the first job, and my second job.

Oh, did I mention I have to get a new laptop for school. This surprisingly has been the thing that I have been stressing out more than anything else. I have to get a powerful computer to run all of the architecture programs and graphics. So, I am leaning toward a Gateway gaming computer.

I have so much to do this weekend before school starts! I hope I can relax some before Monday! My rides home kept saying I needed to mow my lawn. I told them that Sunday was the earliest I could do it. They kept saying to do it now. I said, really, I think getting my truck to run is a bit more important. The grass can wait!

P.S. I haven't heard from IT girl since I called her Monday to see how her new job is going. I have decided that I am not going to call her. It hit me Tuesday that she has never originated a phone conversation.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Started New Job

So, I started my new job yesterday. It is going to be awesome. There are two other Graduate Research Assistants. They are just a year and two years younger than me, so I don't feel too old. They are also both ladies! Which I like because it is great to have a different perspective on projects. With the professor being a man and then me, it is good to have both male and female perspectives. One of the GRA's was in my class last semester, and the other one is a new girl that is getting her Masters in Planning. She graduated from OSU in 2004 and has been a Landscape Architect/working for one for 5 years! So she has a lot of experience. I am so excited about it. I am going to learn so much from all three of them.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Getting Sentimental

I don't know why, but I am sad today. My parents are selling my old car today. I traded them my old car for their old truck, so I could do the Cash for Clunkers.

I know my car has served its purpose, but we had some good times.

Ah the memories!

I remember the 5 car pile up we were in the first month I had you.

The time we hydroplaned and re ended that crazy lady in the S-10.

The time you got hit by a hit and run school bus at the mall. Sorry I never fixed this dent, but you did help me with my down payment on my house!

Driving 20 miles over the speed limit and getting pulled over, and the cop feeling sorry for me for having a Corolla and not giving me a ticket (3 times).

The many bad dates that we went on. You saw me through some really nice and crazy women.

The two good dates we went on. Ah, if only I could have had a few more.

Seeing you asleep in my garage all warm and cozy while it was sleeting/snowing/and icy outside. Knowing I wouldn't have to scrape you off in the morning before going to work.

The trips around Oklahoma with all of my stuff crammed in the trunk and the backseat.

The trip to Missouri with crazy Sonia, and her throwing up on your floor after that party. I still feel bad about that, I tried to pull over! Really I did!

The trip to Stillwater and the crazy night. Sorry about the fire extinguisher. I didn't think that Matt would shoot it off inside you! I know you never were the same after that.

Our final trip where you blew a gasket and 90 year old grandma and I had to drive 60 miles with no air conditioning in the 95 degree heat. Fortunately grandma is a trooper.

Ah, the memories. A piece of me will always be with you. The last 8 years have been great. I just hope that you can have 8 more years of fun.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


It took me an hour to get to work today! Evidentally some suicidal thug in his Miami Heat jersey decided to sit on the 63rd street bridge over Lake Hefner Parkway during rush hour morning traffic. I had to zig zag through the city with everyone else. Really could he not have done it last night around say 2AM when I didn't have to be at work at 7AM. The really bad part was I forgot my cell phone at home, so I couldn't call in to warn anyone of the crazy on the bridge

Did anyone else get stuck in traffic this morning? I am so ready to move somewhere that I can just get up and walk or ride my bike to work and not have to worry about a crazy on a bridge.

Monday, August 3, 2009

New Job

I got the job! I start the week before school starts, which is the same weekend that The Jobless Wonder (IT Girl) is coming to see me. I am not sure the logistics of that because she has her flight getting in at 3:55 on Thursday. The problem with that is I still have my other job that I am going to be getting my 40 hours in, and the new job where I will have to get 10 hours in. So, I will have to work a few 12 hour days to get to the airport in time to pick her up.

We will have to see how she handles being alone. This could be the make or break weekend. It will also be the last weekend I could possibly see her in a long time because my schedule with two jobs (sometimes three) and grad school will be insane! Not to mention my busy social life, sports, TV, cooking most of my meals, and the regular chores around the house.
Oh yeah, did I mention I got a new bench for my backyard. It looks really nice. I put a pot next to it with an awesome yellow flowering shrub. I finally have a destination place to sit in my backyard.
I also got rid of the old Corolla. My parents came over and got it started and took it away! I was so happy to see it go. That car and I had the longest relationship of anything I have ever had. 8 years of fun and adventures, but I am ready to move on! I got the car out just in time to put the new truck in for the crazy storms we had last night.