Friday, July 17, 2009


Yesterday IT girl gave me a ride home from work. We actually stopped and had dinner and then drove back to my house (with the top down in her rental car Mustang convertible). While I was watering my plants in the backyard. We were talking, and my parents drove up to drop off "Old Gray Hair".

I told her to hide and I told my parents that I just bought the car. They didn't believe me because they know I want a truck. So, she came to the front yard and they met her. My mom and her hit it off talking about her house and taxes. Kind of random, but she is an IT girl after all. As long as she doesn't talk in programming code we are good.

After the parents left we hung out for a while, and then she had to go back to the hotel. She got lost on the way back, I felt bad, but it was funny.

Gotta go, she is here.

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