Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Something to Say

So, I know I told you my life is boring. Well actually its not. I just don't know how to put everything into words.

I am actually very busy and do a lot of different things that puts me into contact with a lot of people. I play sports, work, and am in grad school. I also manage to cook almost all of my meals (leftovers) to save money. I try new foods all the time. Last night I made a gazpacho for the first time. It was pretty good. I made it with a tropical twist including pineapple and mangos. I also do landscaping on the side whenever my schedule and weather permits. I have a wide knowledge of plants and am more than willing to help people with theirs. I am probably going to be telling you about some of my favorite plants or landscape architecture in general as well as food! I am a foodie!

So, I am sure you are wondering where I am going with this. I don't have much time to meet people to date. I have however met a lady. Lets call her IT Girl. Well, IT Girl lives in another city and is coming up this weekend. I don't know what our status is, but she is staying at my house. I have only done a few things with her (played volleyball and had lunch), so I don't know if she likes me or what. She is coming to town for work and is staying the weekend to go to a party with work friends.

So, being the gentleman that I am, I am planning on getting up early to make breakfast. I was wanting to make crepes with bananas and nutella, but I quizzed her about what kind of food she likes and dislikes, and she hates bananas. So, that is out of the question. Plan B was blueberry pancakes, so I asked her about berries. NO on blueberries. So, I am now going to make chocolate chip pancakes and regular pancakes. So, if she likes it she can have either one. I guess I should include a meat or something.

Well, as you can tell I have been thinking about that for a while. Well, last night another wrench in the plans happened. I have been driving my parent's extra car the Lincoln Continental or as I call it Old Gray Hair. My dad has a pimp old man golfing hat in the back window. So, the ladies at Braum's flock to the car when I drive up. Well, Old Gray Hair gave out on me last night. I guess the water pump went out on it. (that's another long story that we don't have time for) My Corolla went out on me in June, so now I am carless. How am I supposed to impress a lady without a car? Is that possible living in Oklahoma? She is somewhat used to the finer things from what she has told me. She drives a Mercedes. I doubt she will want to ride on my little girl bike (story below) around town.

I say "so" a lot, so please forgive me. I just noticed that.

What are we going to do around town? I was hoping to meet some friends on Friday night and then the party is Saturday night. Saturday day I thought about taking her car shopping with me because she likes shopping and she says she loves negotiating big deals.

Now I just have to figure out....Does she like me? I am so clueless. I think she does but I she sends tons of mixed signals. Why do girls do that? She is staying at my house? I don't really know her that well. I have only known her a few weeks, so its not like we are friends from high school or something.

Little girl bike - So, I go to grad school, and in the school paper there was an announcement about the Physical Plant selling bikes left around campus for dirt cheap. So, I got up early and made it to campus and bought a bike. I don't know much about bikes, but the bike I picked was one of many of the same brand and color. I thought it was the nicest of those, so I paid my $5 and got it. I crammed it into the backseat/passenger seat of my Corolla and after school went to my brother's house to put some air in the tires. Him and his wife used to go biking so I knew he had a pump. Well, I start pumping the tires out and my 11 year old niece comes out of the house and says. "What are you doing with my bike?" I said "this is my bike I bought it today." She said "No, that's my bike." I look over to the corner of the garage and she has the exact same bike except her's looks much nicer. I laughed and my brother did too. I have only ridden the bike a few times around the neighborhood. One of those was from their house to mine.


  1. Good luck figuring the girl out (let us know Monday), and welcome to blogger world. I myself don't blog, but there are a handful I do enjoy reading, Thanks to the Sister.

    Jamie AKA Sister #1

  2. My favorite crepes are white chocolate and Nutella. Very sweet of you to plan to cook breakfast, and I agree you need some meat--sausage or bacon. As for the girl, I would just assume friendship for the time being. Spend some time with her this weekend and see if you're interested in more. If you are, then you can ask her out.

  3. He he, I love your bike story - so cute!

    I was thinking about the food thing and almost wondering if I was dating someone who wouldn't eat bananas or blueberries if that would be a deal breaker? Hmm, it might just be!

    Women are terrible with mixed signals, I'd like to say that she's interested in you, but I don't know... I could see myself perhaps asking to stay somewhere with a friend because it was handy. Good luck for the weekend!

    Cooking is fun isn't it? I love how well I'm eating lately, but how much I'm saving.

  4. Hopefully it went well!

    As a girl... we don't often even realize we're being confusing. And even if we do, it's not on purpose.