Monday, January 18, 2010

Fan Club

So, the guy at the gym that stares at me finally came up and talked to me. This guy has been watching me workout for years. Everytime I look up he is staring at me. Kind of weird, but since I am so buff I kind of expect it. Can you sense the sarcasm there.

He is a little guy in his 40s probably. He came up to me and asked where I worked. I told him that I work at a University. He thought I worked with him at the Air Force Base. I told him that I have never been there. The guy then would not stop talking to me. I tried to walk away and he followed. So finally I just left. I hope he didn't follow me. If he did, he followed me to Wal-Mart as I went shopping for my dinner supplies and TP of course.

I hope that he doesn't want to talk to me now. I didn't mind him staring at me, but now he will want to follow me around the gym and talk to me. I don't mind talking to people at the gym. I have friends at the gym, and have heard some good stories at the gym, like my mom's friend's son getting suspended, and a few other good stories.


  1. I didn't mind him staring at me....really? I think that's weird, since your a guy and all.

  2. I think he has a crush on you.

  3. So, stalker was at the gym today. He saw me when he walked in and almost jumped out of his skin to come and say hi to me. He is really creapy. I guess him watching me workout was creapy. Now he thinks we are friends. OH DEAR! I need to start working out at my other gym or during the day when he is not there.

  4. Gay! He totally wants to hit that. And did you notice you said "OH DEAR"? You are starting to worry me.