Friday, August 21, 2009

Crazy Day! Sorry I had to vent!

I got up this morning and was heading out to get to work a few minutes early. I got to work lat yesterday because of the storms. Gary England was saying hail was on its way to the part of town I work in, so I waited. It didn't hail at the office, so I waited 30 minutes for nothing. Anyways, I tried to start my car this morning and the battery was dead! Yes, my new Tacoma I got less than a month ago had a dead battery. So, I had to hitch hike to work and home AGAIN!

I got a call from my old roommate from undergrad. He just bought a new house. It is huge! I can't emphasize how big it is. It is over 8,000 sq ft. I can't wait to go see it. It is 4 stories, well three with a basement that come out to the backyard. It has an elevator and three patios. It has an insane view of the hills east of Tulsa. The picture is a view of it from behind. You can see all 4 stories. The picture was taken before he bought it two weeks ago. It isn't finished out yet, but it is a month away from move in ready.

The best part of the day was when my admin brought me chocolate covered strawberries. She makes them daily and made some extra! She is the best admin ever! My old admin at my old job was good, but she never made me any tasty dishes. She was good at getting some great catering for the group meetings.

I finally after getting the truck jumped and to the dealer got a new battery. It took them 2 hours to get me a new battery. I was a bit frustrated, but it happens. I actually was surprised how well I took the whole situation today. I think the long crazy week I had kept me from making a big deal about the situation.

Did I tell you that my boss had me train two people this week to be my back up. Really? Two people to back up my part time job. Then I had to do some really boring testing! Accounting is boring, but testing accounting in the computer system is even more boring, so it was a very tough week as far as motivation to work goes. Plus it was close this week, and the accountants in Houston and Division Orders had problems that I had to fix all week. Oh yeah, the other accountant in my group has been gone for a month because she has liver cancer. So, I have basically been doing most of her job and mine for the last month. She will get back in a few weeks, so I will have a few crazy weeks with grad school, the first job, and my second job.

Oh, did I mention I have to get a new laptop for school. This surprisingly has been the thing that I have been stressing out more than anything else. I have to get a powerful computer to run all of the architecture programs and graphics. So, I am leaning toward a Gateway gaming computer.

I have so much to do this weekend before school starts! I hope I can relax some before Monday! My rides home kept saying I needed to mow my lawn. I told them that Sunday was the earliest I could do it. They kept saying to do it now. I said, really, I think getting my truck to run is a bit more important. The grass can wait!

P.S. I haven't heard from IT girl since I called her Monday to see how her new job is going. I have decided that I am not going to call her. It hit me Tuesday that she has never originated a phone conversation.


  1. I didn't know they made Gateway's anymore. Did you look at Mac's?

  2. Yeah, I looked at the Mac, it was twice as expensive as the Gaming Gateway!

  3. I really want to come stay with your friend in their house! That is huge! I am sort of curious to know how much it cost to be honest, like is it cheaper than a two bedroom apartment would be in my expensive city, or is he just rich? :-)

    Oh the phone side of things, if it's early days she could be playing the 'let him call game'. I wouldn't give up just yet. But maybe let her sweat for a few days.

  4. Yeah, she texted me yesterday to wish me good luck with my classes and school. I texted her back Thanks! I don't see a future with her. She wants to live in LA and she lives in Texas. I don't want to live in either place.

    He is in real estate and owns a lot of properties. He got a really good deal on it. He said it is worth over $1.3 million. I think he probably paid a little more than half that. He won't tell me.

  5. Oh to have money in this recession in the US! As for NZ, the property market is already recovering from it's brief dip and you can't find a 3 bedroom house in my city for love or money.