Friday, August 14, 2009

Getting Sentimental

I don't know why, but I am sad today. My parents are selling my old car today. I traded them my old car for their old truck, so I could do the Cash for Clunkers.

I know my car has served its purpose, but we had some good times.

Ah the memories!

I remember the 5 car pile up we were in the first month I had you.

The time we hydroplaned and re ended that crazy lady in the S-10.

The time you got hit by a hit and run school bus at the mall. Sorry I never fixed this dent, but you did help me with my down payment on my house!

Driving 20 miles over the speed limit and getting pulled over, and the cop feeling sorry for me for having a Corolla and not giving me a ticket (3 times).

The many bad dates that we went on. You saw me through some really nice and crazy women.

The two good dates we went on. Ah, if only I could have had a few more.

Seeing you asleep in my garage all warm and cozy while it was sleeting/snowing/and icy outside. Knowing I wouldn't have to scrape you off in the morning before going to work.

The trips around Oklahoma with all of my stuff crammed in the trunk and the backseat.

The trip to Missouri with crazy Sonia, and her throwing up on your floor after that party. I still feel bad about that, I tried to pull over! Really I did!

The trip to Stillwater and the crazy night. Sorry about the fire extinguisher. I didn't think that Matt would shoot it off inside you! I know you never were the same after that.

Our final trip where you blew a gasket and 90 year old grandma and I had to drive 60 miles with no air conditioning in the 95 degree heat. Fortunately grandma is a trooper.

Ah, the memories. A piece of me will always be with you. The last 8 years have been great. I just hope that you can have 8 more years of fun.


  1. HA! This is a good post. I think some of these memories need to be post of their own. :) Like the bad dates????

  2. Awww, how cute!!!

    I'm totally sentimental about cars. LOTS of memories are made in cars!!!!