Monday, August 3, 2009

New Job

I got the job! I start the week before school starts, which is the same weekend that The Jobless Wonder (IT Girl) is coming to see me. I am not sure the logistics of that because she has her flight getting in at 3:55 on Thursday. The problem with that is I still have my other job that I am going to be getting my 40 hours in, and the new job where I will have to get 10 hours in. So, I will have to work a few 12 hour days to get to the airport in time to pick her up.

We will have to see how she handles being alone. This could be the make or break weekend. It will also be the last weekend I could possibly see her in a long time because my schedule with two jobs (sometimes three) and grad school will be insane! Not to mention my busy social life, sports, TV, cooking most of my meals, and the regular chores around the house.
Oh yeah, did I mention I got a new bench for my backyard. It looks really nice. I put a pot next to it with an awesome yellow flowering shrub. I finally have a destination place to sit in my backyard.
I also got rid of the old Corolla. My parents came over and got it started and took it away! I was so happy to see it go. That car and I had the longest relationship of anything I have ever had. 8 years of fun and adventures, but I am ready to move on! I got the car out just in time to put the new truck in for the crazy storms we had last night.


  1. My car is my longest relationship too. Ah...that's sad. Congrats on the new job. I think we need to have lunch sometime this week because:
    A. I want to see the new truck.
    B. I want to hear about the new job.
    C. I want to hear about the IT Girl drama.

  2. How about tomorrow at Jerry's Deli? They are having my favorite Brownie Parfait this week, and I have jambalaya leftovers that I made last night.