Wednesday, August 5, 2009


It took me an hour to get to work today! Evidentally some suicidal thug in his Miami Heat jersey decided to sit on the 63rd street bridge over Lake Hefner Parkway during rush hour morning traffic. I had to zig zag through the city with everyone else. Really could he not have done it last night around say 2AM when I didn't have to be at work at 7AM. The really bad part was I forgot my cell phone at home, so I couldn't call in to warn anyone of the crazy on the bridge

Did anyone else get stuck in traffic this morning? I am so ready to move somewhere that I can just get up and walk or ride my bike to work and not have to worry about a crazy on a bridge.


  1. Yesterday morning, this was all the talk in the office. Did you hear he didn't even jump...he went to jail. Really, if you are going to hold up traffic, at least do something exciting. BUT, I am happy he is ok.

  2. Yeah, and if you are going to jump off a bridge at least pick one that is more than 20 feet off the ground. He would have just broken a leg or two. I think he did it for attention. He probably had a girlfriend threatening to leave him, so he decided to make a specticle to save the relationship.

  3. You sound like a hardened commuter for sure! I remember making the same comments in London when people would commit suicide on the tube lines (electrocution) and cause the whole city to come to a grinding halt. I sort of feel bad about it now, but it used to be a nightmare.